Our Past

ASCII Warriors was created as a companion learning opportunity for Team Duct Tape, a FIRST Tech Challenge team in Florida. The software team wanted to continue enhancing their skills during the off-season, and with the mentors from Sumo Software, the group decided to participate in a Microsoft Imagine Cup competition to learn about Visual Studio and C#.

Our Present

Today, we are proud to have moved our program into the AMRoC Fab Lab at University Mall in Tampa, Florida. In a partnership between AMRoC and Sumo Software, the program is open to anyone high school aged or older who is interested in learning the basics of programming through a project-based program. Together we will choose projects from public hackathons and coding challenges to work on and will work on them as a group. The project selection will vary depending on the number of participants and their skill level.

Our Future

Our goal is to help bring this program to more locations around the country. If you know of a location that might be interested in learning more about how to bring ASCII Warriors to your space, you please contact us.

Our Goals

Some people learn well through theoretical concepts, while others need concrete examples to gain an understanding. It is for that reason that ASCII Warriors focuses on project-based learning. Taking advantage of public challenges, either through hackathons or competitions, team members will be able to work on a project that has a distinct goal and benefit to others. In the past, we have worked with local libraries to provide an easy way for patrons to find books and events at their local branch. We will try to keep projects in this tight and limited scope.